Segiun the Bamboo Company

  • Segiun the Bamboo Company

  • Philosophy of Regeneration

  • Marketing Philosophy

Segiun the Bamboo Company

SEGIUN stands up for the well-tried Bamboo products of Japan and for the development of western regeneration products in combination with bamboo.

When the company was founded on the 1st of August 2003 we set ourselves the goal to start a countermovement against preserving agents and unhealthy nutrition by providing natural products. Everything the body needs is available in nature.

The Philosophy of Regeneration

SEGIUN products work after the principle of the Asian Philosophy of Regeneration.




  • Purify
  • Provide energy and let energy float
  • Yin and Yang in balance

Marketing Philosophy


A Marketing Philosophy according to the modern and fair direkt marketing system.

Segiun is a Multi-Level-Marketing Company. Be your own Marketing and Sales Director. You can register distributors/customers or retailers and you will profit from their purchases. At the same time you will be coached by your sponsor, who helps you to build up your own dowline.


Be your own boss. With Segiun there are no financial obligations.


With this system it is possible to look after thousands of customers.